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The STEAMed Project

A year-long food science and cooking program designed to bring Food Education to schools via grade-level curriculum.

STEAMed Food Education Program

Expanding on our proven EcoSpaces Education program in our Model and Partner Schools, we aim to increase our impact with the introduction of our year-long 3rd-grade curriculum.

Our Network Schools Program (The STEAMed Project) brings food education to schools in Newark and throughout New Jersey by aligning interactive food-based activities to STEAM academic standards. Network Schools are introduced to EcoSpaces Education with the expectation that they will begin or continue to prioritize food education by building school gardens, kitchen classrooms and promote an overall school-wide culture of health.

The STEAMed Project is available to schools and includes a program launch with a visit from the Mobile Food Lab (, The STEAMed Project curriculum, professional development for participating teachers, a visiting food educator, and a classroom Discovery Tool Box. 

To learn more about becoming an EcoSpaces Education Network School, please contact us at

The STEAMed Project was designed in collaboration with Ramapo College of NJ