Dear Parents


Dear Parents


Dear Parents,

Today I am writing to you as a parent, not as the Director of EcoSpaces Education. Yes, it is part of the mission of EcoSpaces Education to encourage everyone to cook from scratch using healthy ingredients, as often as possible, but as a parent, I understand it may not be easy.  I believe we all have somewhat similar challenges but also know we don’t all walk on the same path. How do we navigate our way through the information at hand, time constraints, financial concerns, various family structures, cooking abilities, likes and desires around getting healthy meals to our families?

This question is at the root of my passion and yet I don’t know the answers. I surely don’t want to appear to be standing on a soapbox, get political (although I have some strong opinions) or tell people what to do. So what is it I want to do with this platform? I want us to understand that feeding our children and our families is important. It is as important or perhaps even more than other gifts we give to them – new clothes, music lessons, cell phones, etc. I believe it is an integral part of being a parent.   Having worked with food, people who make food, children, teachers and families for most of my adult life, I can confidently say, prioritizing feeding our families creates tighter, healthier and more informed families, and who doesn’t want that?

I hope we can use this website to inspire, encourage and perhaps teach more parents to make food an important part of each of our family’s lives. It’s a challenge indeed, but one I believe we can overcome in the name of love for our children.

So much more to say, but I will leave it at that and send out my best wishes for happy and healthy cooking and eating with our families. We have the power to make the difference.