Community Ed

Community Ed


Professional Development for Educators

Educators are our first line of defense in the battle to make our children healthier nationwide. They are also the most critical element when it comes to determining a community’s culture; serving as role models to students and their families. Schools, after school and summer programs are not only a place of academic learning, but of social development, providing a crucial environment to combat America’s growing health crisis- poor nutrition, its health effects, and community impact. It is our belief that we have the opportunity to be at the forefront of a movement to transform the eating habits of a generation, leading us towards a more healthy and sustainable future.

Community Workshops

Our responsibilities do not end within the confines of our four walls or school hours; therefore, our goal is to extend out to our community and our parents, whenever possible. It is through engagement we are able to reinforce lessons of health and wellness back at home.

Our Annual Conference

Gathering educators, administrators, and school-foodservice professionals together to make our children healthier and stronger through food literacy education. Growing Healthy Communities

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