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EcoSpaces Education inspires healthy relationships to food — for children and their families; giving kids the tools to understand where food comes from, how it nourishes us, and how it shapes our world.



“EcoSpaces is a program we are always excited to talk about when sharing info about farm to school. The program's curriculum impacts every student's perception of healthy food, where it comes from and what tastes great, even if it is green!”

– Beth Feehan, Farm to School Program Coordinator, NJ Dept of Ag

“EcoSpaces Education not only puts an emphasis on serving New Jersey produce, students are taught how to grow their own fruits and vegetables. Nothing goes to waste through composting, even using used rinds to dye yarn.”

– Douglas H. Fisher, New Jersey Secretary of Agriculture

"The students are fully integrating education with food in an constantly evolving atmosphere. They are learning about sustainability, health, and wellness – and most importantly are combining these concepts with behaviors that transcend outside of school and into their homes.”

– Kendall Kish, via Marcus Samuelsson’s blog


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