Ask the Chef…


We know getting a healthy, balanced meal on the table, whether it be for a family of four, or a school of 500 children, can be a challenge. We want to be here to help. We encourage you to ask our chef the questions you might have to be inspired and confident to do this in your school or your home. Our chef has been cooking in restaurants, schools and for his family for over 15 years, he's bound to have the answers.

How can we get students excited to try new things on the salad bar?

A Principal wants his students to experiment with new foods.

What can I do to get my child to eat veggies?

Mrs. Thomson is trying to get her son to eat his vegetables.

How do we incorporate culturally relevant dishes into our school lunch program?

Chef Joe is looking for new ways to incorporate more culturally relevant dishes into his school lunch menu.

Our Learning Environments

The Dining Room

The Dining Room is where students and staff eat as a community and where life lessons come alive.

The Garden

We integrate gardening activities with core curriculum, as well as physical and social education.

The Teaching Kitchen

The Teaching Kitchen is where hands-on activities bring classroom subjects together.

The Home

A holistic approach to learning requires bringing healthy lessons to our homes and communities.